Real Estate Lawyers for Buyers in Illinois

You’ve finally found just the right place! After the seller gives your offer a green light and the initial paperwork is in place, you may feel like it’s time to rest or focus on packing for your move. However, there are still important steps you need to take to secure the sale and protect your interests. 

At Evans Legacy Law Group, we can guide you through the process and work to prevent you from having to deal with unnecessary expenses. 

Five Crucial Days

After the contract is signed, there’s a crucial five-day interval. During this timeframe, it’s imperative to inspect your prospective home, conduct Radon testing, and find out whether the property needs any repairs. 

We can assist in determining the repair requisites and then communicate with the seller, negotiating to get repairs made or to obtain compensation to allow you to make repairs later. Our team will ensure that agreements are properly memorialized to be enforceable.

Loan Finalization in Illinois: Dealing with Lenders

Once we’ve ironed out the repair details, your engagement with your loan provider intensifies. It’s not uncommon for this stretch of the buying process to feel a tad challenging. Often, lenders will repeat previous requests or act in other ways that seem redundant. 

You can help manage the process by keeping backup copies of your shared documents, so you can send them again if necessary. Being prompt in addressing their requirements can expedite matters. 

Avoid Making Big Purchases Until After Closing

It’s important to keep an eye on your expenses and credit at this stage. While that new sofa set or car might catch your eye, it’s best to delay any big purchases. Splurges or even signing up for new credit can interfere with your home loan terms, potentially delaying the date of closing. 

Here’s why. Even if you buy something with no interest and no payments due until after closing, the purchase could drop your credit score. Federal regulations require your lender to run your credit again just before closing, and if you were close to the limit for the rate on your mortgage, the change could prevent you from closing on time. 

The transaction also could affect your debt-to-income ratio, and that could also interfere with the mortgage. If you want to take advantage of a limited time offer, explain your situation and try to arrange an extension. 

Your Illinois Home Journey Can Proceed More Smoothly with Evans Legacy Law Group

At Evans Legacy Law Group, buying a home isn’t the end of the process—it’s just a fresh start. We understand the joy and jitters of purchasing a place, especially in Illinois. 

Whether you’re a first-timer brimming with anticipation or you’ve been through the process before, we’re here post-purchase. Need advice on settling in or local tips to ease your move? We’ve got your back. Every home has its unique tales, and with each purchase, you’re starting a new chapter. 

Ready to navigate this adventure? Ring us at 872-228-1572 or drop a note online. At Evans Legacy Law Group, we want to be part of your Illinois home-buying journey.