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How to Avoid the Five Major Planning Mistakes Because Every Penny is Precious and Peace is Priceless

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How to ensure a lasting legacy for your family without dealing with courts, high taxes, and unnecessary legal fees

How to potentially save you and your family thousands of dollars in taxes & fees while building a plan that protects your loved ones

Why starting before it’s too late is the best strategy for protecting your children’s inheritance, your home, and your business from creditors and predators

Why the most loving thing you can do for your family is make things as painless as possible for them for when you’re no longer around to help

How you can rest easy knowing you’ve taken responsibility for your affairs and made all the difficult choices so your loved ones don’t have to

And Finally…

The exact steps you can take right now to bullet-proof your estate and keep your assets with your family for generations to come … without having to leave the comfort of your home


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Attorney Shanise Evans' practice focuses on helping families and business owners enhance their lives today and secure their futures tomorrow. With over 21 years of experience, she excels in guiding her clients through the often-confusing maze of financial and legal decisions to enable them to effectively plan for their families and/or business and reach their goals.
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