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How to Avoid the Five Major Planning Mistakes...Because Every Penny is Precious and Peace is Priceless

What Should I Know about Guardianships?

Guardianships – also referred to as conservatorships – are drastic and invasive.
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Did Former NFL Tackle and Fox Sports Commentator Tony Siragusa have an Estate Plan?

While at Baltimore, Siragusa was also part of a defensive front considered by many to be among the best in NFL history.
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How are Capital Gains in Irrevocable Trust Taxed?

Investors use irrevocable trusts to protect their assets from creditors, lawsuits and estate taxes. However, when you sell a home in an irrevocable trust, that can complicate your tax situation.
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What Happens to Stock Options when Someone Dies?

No matter what industry you might be in, what your long-term goals might be, or how your business is structured, you know that you need to be planning for the future.
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What are the Advantages of a Business Trust?

Trusts could be an incredibly powerful tool to help business owners protect their business and reach their wealth goals.
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What Is the Best Asset Protection?

Perhaps the largest number of people who may benefit from asset protection planning are those who are at most mildly concerned about asset protection issues, or not even aware of the need for such planning.
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How Do I Maximize My IRA?

Use these suggestions to boost the balance in your retirement nest egg.
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What Happens to Investment Accounts when Someone Dies?

What investment powers does a personal representative in a probate or a trustee in a trust administration have to manage the decedent’s assets?
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What Is Better, a Trust or a Will?

Preparing an estate plan for managing and distributing your assets in the case of death is one of the most important steps you could take to protect and provide for loved ones.
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How Do I Store Estate Planning Documents?

A common dilemma that families face upon the incapacity or death of a loved one is locating estate planning documents. While preparing the documents are the most important step, that is irrelevant if the documents are lost when they most need to be used.
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