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Whether you are starting a business, running a business, or selling a business, Evans Legacy Law Group LLC has significant business law experience helping clients through all stages. For example, we help new and existing business owners form corporations, partnerships, limited liability companies (LLC’s) and other nonprofit entities. Operating in these forms helps clients avoid exposure of personal assets to lawsuits and potential liabilities.

We advise our clients on a wide range of business transactions and provide sound advice to protect and preserve your business. 

When the time comes for business succession, we also help clients create and implement business succession plans. We will take the time to listen to all of your goals and desires regarding your business. We will examine all of your options and help you find the most cost-effective solution to keep your business consistent with your intentions and aspirations. 

Some of our main business law practice areas include the following:

  • Business Entity Formation
  • Nonprofit Entity Formation
  • Business Succession Planning
  • Small Business General Counsel

As small business owners, the lawyers at Evans Legacy Law Group LLC understand the time and effort that you have and will invest to make your businesses successful. As your lawyer, we will devote the same time and effort to resolving your business law disputes. Our goal at Evans Legacy Law Group LLC is to help you resolve your dispute swiftly and efficiently, helping you get back to the business of being a business owner.

If you have questions, contact us today to speak with an Evans Legacy Law Group LLC attorney.


Ready For Greatness

Many factors come into play when deciding what type of entity is right for your business: the extent of protection from personal liability that you are seeking, the desired tax treatment of your business profits and take-home income, management structure, whether you anticipate adding future equity partners, capitalization, and more. We can help you explore each area and establish your business that works for you.

Types of Business Structures We’ll Help You Consider:

  • General Partnership
  • Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)
  • Limited Partnership
  • Limited Liability Limited Partnership (LLLP)
  • Limited Liability Company (LLC)
  • Corporation
  • S-Corporation



Nonprofit corporations are corporations that are formed with the intent to carry out a purpose that is charitable, educational, literary, religious, or scientific. One of the largest benefits to a nonprofit corporation is that the money that is taken in for the charitable purpose is normally tax-free.



We help you design, implement, and maintain effective plans to help you reduce your personal liability, preserve all viable income tax deductions, facilitate your retirement, maintain family harmony, retain key employees and minimize taxes.

And, most importantly … we ensure that your business has the proper foundation to allow for maximum growth with minimal risk to you and your loved ones.


Once your business entity is incorporated and online with agreements, insurance, intellectual property planned for and protected, and financial systems filling the coffers, we shift the conversation away from set up to the all-important exit.

It’s not the first time we will have discussed it as all of our business set ups are planned for based on your eventual exit plan, whether that is selling the business at a certain point, operating it for income as long as desired, or passing your business on upon your death.

Services include:

  • Ongoing relationship throughout your life and life of your business
  • Capturing your legacy
  • Leaving more behind than just money

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