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Why Do Siblings Fight after Death of a Parent?

There is no legal requirement that anyone give anyone else money or property when they pass.  The law says that as long as you understand what you’re doing, you can give your assets to anyone you feel like giving them to, equal or not.
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What Is Digital Asset Estate Planning?

Many people don’t realize the extent of their electronic and digital lives and the potential problems they’re leaving for others to deal with.
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The Risks of Creating Your Own Estate Plan

Even Consumer Reports suggests working with an experienced estate planning attorney to make sure documents are correctly prepared.
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Some Key Documents Should Be Considered Before Sending Your Child Off to College

A critical item is often missing from back-to-school college checklists — and it could be far more valuable than anything else your student takes to school this fall: signed legal documents.
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What Happens If Couple Divorce and Own Business?

No one enters a relationship — be it personal or business — thinking it will fail. However, what happens when it does?
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Who Is the Best Person for Executor?

What do these appointments mean to the person(s) named to act? What happens if they fail or decline to act? Can the planning appoint alternative representatives?
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What Should I Know about Guardianships?

Guardianships – also referred to as conservatorships – are drastic and invasive.
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Did Former NFL Tackle and Fox Sports Commentator Tony Siragusa have an Estate Plan?

While at Baltimore, Siragusa was also part of a defensive front considered by many to be among the best in NFL history.
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How are Capital Gains in Irrevocable Trust Taxed?

Investors use irrevocable trusts to protect their assets from creditors, lawsuits and estate taxes. However, when you sell a home in an irrevocable trust, that can complicate your tax situation.
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What Happens to Stock Options when Someone Dies?

No matter what industry you might be in, what your long-term goals might be, or how your business is structured, you know that you need to be planning for the future.
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